Running and Meditation


Sri Chinmoy believed that running is beneficial to physical health but also can give an inner spiritual fulfilment. Running teaches us determination, focus and reminds us of our aspiration to go beyond our previous limitations. Running is physically challenging but, at the same time, gives an inner joy and satisfaction. Many runners attest to the fact that running can take us out of an ordinary consciousness and give a glimpse into a state of mind beyond our usual thoughts and emotions.


“Self-transcendence gives us joy in boundless measure. When we transcend ourselves, we do not compete with others. We do not compete with the rest of the world, but at every moment we compete with ourselves. We compete only with our previous achievements. And each time we surpass our previous achievements, we get joy.”


Running brings forward both our outer and inner determination. Running requires effort, focus and the willingness to challenge our body against the distance and elements. To complete a race requires a fixed mindset and determination to keep going.

Getting to know yourself

“When a runner focuses all their attention on a particular race, they are in a posit

ion to free their mind, liberate their mind from uncomely distractions. Here one-pointed concentration is the pathfinder for a deeper meditative consciousness.”

Dynamism and inner peace

Question: Can running help get rid of frustration and anger?

Sri Chinmoy: Running is an excellent way to rid oneself of frustration and anger. If you are really angry with someone, go and run. After a mile or so you will see that your anger has gone away, either because you are totally exhausted or because the satisfaction that you gain from physical exertion has replaced your anger.

A great benefit of running is that it shakes away our mental cobwebs. The dynamism

of running helps us to get away from the petty concerns and worries of our mind. Dynamism is a powerful tool to bring to the fore more inner peace. When we are static, we become like a stagnant pool, when we move, it is like a clear flowing stream.

Peace Run

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run combines both running long distances with an endeavour to share peace. Sri Chinmoy felt the dynamism of running across countries was an excellent way to share peace in a meaningful way. Running brings many of our good qualities to the fore.

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Australia

In Australia we have been putting on races for over 30 years in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne ranging from 5km, 10km to 100km, triathlons and 48 hour races. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who work hard to make your running experience exceptional. All out timing is live so you can see your final times soon after you finish. Our photographers upload your photos soon after the event finishes and they’re all free to download. And best of all, we have a pancake breakfast at all our races.