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Running and Meditation

Sri Chinmoy believed that running is beneficial to physical health but also can give an inner spiritual fulfilment. Running teaches us determination, focus and reminds… »

Divine Enterprises

Spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy taught that meditation is not a means of escaping the everyday world, but a tool for achieving inner peace while operating… »

About our meditation classes

2020 Meditation Classes All our classes are currently on hold. When we are permitted to start giving classes again, the dates and times will be… »


Thinking and meditating are two totally different things. The aim of meditation, Sri Chinmoy says, is to free ourselves from all thought. Unfortunately, the endless… »

The Mind and the Heart

Meditation is about going beyond the mind into the heart – the essence of our being. In this video, meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy explains how… »

Meditation visualisation

Here is a nice meditation exercise based on the writings of Sri Chinmoy, narrated by Kaivalya Torpy from London.

Daily Meditations

Sri Chinmoy Daily Meditations brings the wisdom of Sri Chinmoy to you in a form of a mobile app available for Apple and Android devices…. »