Free meditation classes


2021 FREE Meditation Classes

Following on from our very inspiring visiting teacher, Prachar Stegemann, who offered a five part workshop in  mid June, we will have further classes starting early September.

Two week intensive


Monday 6th, Thursday 9th, Monday 13th and Thursday 16th September at 7pm


Monday 1st, Thursday 4th, Monday 8th and Thursday 11th November at 7:30pm

The venue for all classes:  87 Pembroke Rd, Coorparoo (back door off Grace Street)

It is definitely best if you can attend all the classes in your chosen series but missing one is fine. If you miss the first class, then come along to the second, but after that it would be best to join the next series as the classes build on each other so you’ll get the most out of the workshop series if you can come to a majority of nights.

If you would like to register for upcoming classes, please use this contact form giving a phone number and choice of series.

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Follow Up Classes

After the initial classes, there are follow up classes for those wishing to deepen their practice and pursue their meditation in a group atmosphere. Our current follow up classes will be running on Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm for all those who attended the five part workshop series in June 2021.


1. Meditation for PEACE:
The Ultimate Treasure

PEACE is the thing we most need which no one has;
the first essential need of happiness and progress.
PEACE in the mind is the doorway
to meditation.

2. Meditation for LOVE:
The Ultimate Reality

LOVE is the essence of our being
and matrix of the universe;
the secret name of God.
LOVE is the key to success
and progress in meditation.

3. Meditation for LIGHT:
The Ultimate Truth

LIGHT is self-awareness, wisdom, intuition
and illumination.
LIGHT illumines darkness, transforms
our shortcomings and reveals our
path to perfection

4. Meditation for FULFILMENT:
The Ultimate Quest

FULFILMENT is guarded by eternal
questions: Who am I? Why am I here?
Where am I heading? What can
I do about it? FULFILMENT is
our answer and reward.

6. Meditation for LIFE:
The Ultimate Journey

LIFE is the meeting place of our
inner and outer existence,
our stage and vehicle for finding
and following our spiritual path

About our classes

We are all students of Sri Chinmoy, an Indian meditation teacher. While he was alive, most of us were fortunate to spend time with him, either in New York where he lived or during one of his many trips to Australia and New Zealand. Through practical exercises and personal example, he taught us how to concentrate, meditate and contemplate. He would tell us that meditation is not like instant coffee; it cannot be perfected overnight. It requires many years of practice to be able to quiet the mind and enter into a deep, meditative state. However, the benefits of meditation are felt from the early stages. We have all experienced a newfound peace in our lives and a sense of inner joy that we had never felt before.

Sri Chinmoy also showed us that meditation can be expressed in many different ways. He himself was a prolific poet, composer and artist, as well as a musician, weightlifter and athlete. Meditation permeated everything that he did and also gave him the inspiration to explore many creative fields and continually try and transcend himself within them. For Sri Chinmoy, meditation was not something that could be confined to a small portion of the day. It overflowed into everything that he did and touched everyone whom he met.

From his deep meditation, Sri Chinmoy acquired tremendous inner and outer peace. He shared this peace at his free Peace Concerts around the world and also through his writings and art. In our classes, we continue to share this experience. Sri Chinmoy’s hauntingly beautiful “Flute Music for Meditation” creates the perfect atmosphere for our talks and exercises. We also use daily meditation cards containing short aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy.

Another way in which Sri Chinmoy expressed the peace of meditation was through his songs. At our classes, we often teach seekers a few of these short, mantric songs as a way of invoking a calm and focused inner state. Sri Chinmoy’s art provides yet another dimension. One of his favourite emblems was the soul-bird. He drew literally millions of these birds. He used to tell us that each human soul was like a bird, winging across the sky with infinite freedom, unaffected by earthly worries and concerns. A very popular exercise involves meditating on these glorious forms.

For those who would like to see a genuine spiritual teacher meditating and teaching his students, we have a range of videos of Sri Chinmoy meditating and interviews with him about the inner life.

In sum, Sri Chinmoy has left us a rich legacy to share with all those who would like to learn the essentials of meditation.

Our classes will cover:

  • Practical Tips for Meditation
  • Relaxation & Breath Control
  • Guided Visualisations
  • Quietening the Mind
  • Understanding Heart Meditation
  • Open-eye Concentration
  • Chanting and Mantras
  • The Role of a Guru
  • Music in Meditation

Amalendu Edelsten

I began meditating with Sri Chinmoy in 1985 and was fortunate to spend time with him in New York and various countries he visited over the years.

I began giving classes on meditation in the late 80’s and enjoy sharing my love of meditation with aspiring seekers.

Our meditation centre in Brisbane, besides offering free meditation classes, also has various running events, so I am also lucky enough to share my love a sport with the community also.