Divine Enterprises


Spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy taught that meditation is not a means of escaping the everyday world, but a tool for achieving inner peace while operating within society. This deep inner peace can be achieved through selfless service to others and by deriving joy from working toward the betterment of humankind rather than by developing attachments to the fruits of one’s labour. To serve others selflessly, he encouraged his students to open up various enterprises that provide not just a quality product, but also an important service. These enterprises create peaceful environments in which people can shop and eat food that is imbued with goodwill.

Today, these divine enterprises exist in various countries throughout the world. Selfless service reinforces the unity of humankind and reinforces each person’s oneness with the universal Consciousness.

In Brisbane we have a vegetarian coffee shop, Birdhouse Coffee, in the heart of Stones Corner. If you are looking for a peaceful place to sit for a while and browse our range of meditation books and CDs or just sit for a while then what better place. We also have a huge range of food and drinks, including frozen yogurt and ice-cream.

We specialise in cold drip coffee and all our cold coffees are centred around our deliciously smooth, single origin drip.

We also have hot coffees, fresh smoothies and create your own juices from a choice of 15 different ingredients.

We make everything in store including kombucha, bliss balls, vegetarian and vegan wraps, sandwiches and salads.

Come in and see us.