What inspired me this week


Today I had a spontaneous meeting with my little neighbour on the stairs. She is the cutest kid and boy can she talk.

Well today she wanted to talk for quite a while which morphed into a game of hide and seek. It always amazes me how little kids can repeat the same thing over and over. So we had turns covering our eyes and counting, hiding in the same place every time, which produced giggles every time one of us was found.  I tried hiding in different places but got sternly told off and instructed where to hide.

What a lovely interaction. Children are so heart based which instantly puts you in the heart as well.

My message is to spend more time playing and let the kids dictate what you play. They get so much more joy when they are in charge.

“If you have

 A childlike enthusiasm,

Then this enthusiasm

Will put an end

To your anxiety-mind.”

Sri Chinmoy